A Cleaning Franchise
With a Difference

Introducing the Kingsmaid Franchise Opportunity

We are looking for motivated highly invested people to join us in our journey.

We’ve spent the past 16 years developing our business and brand into an industry leader in domestic cleaning in the Manchester area.

We achieved this by challenging the status quo and bringing new and important ideas to the domestic cleaning industry. This brought great success to our business and ultimately allowed us to feature on national news networks like Sky News and BBC.

We are very keen to teach you how we grew our business and help you grow yours. Turning Kingsmaid into a national brand.

Sharron and Mark

Sharron and Mark started their domestic cleaning business, Kingsmaid in 2003. Over the past 16 years they've become well known and respected industry leaders, innovating in the industry and challenging the status quo...

As seen on TV News

Kingsmaid are Domestic Cleaning Industry Leaders

We’ve been featured on numerous news and radio show syndication’s over the years, thanks to our expert knowledge of the domestic cleaning industry and our innovative approach to Domestic Cleaning.

We’ve discussed issues like EU Regulations on the domestic cleaning industry on both the BBC Breakfast Show and Radio 5 Live. We’ve also discussed our environmentally friendly cleaning products on Sky News.

COVID-Proof and Safe

The Covid-19 crisis has taught us many things – and one of the most important lessons is that we must keep surface’s and all of the touch points clean.

Demand for antiviral cleans has never been higher from both existing customers and new customers wanting to protect themselves and their families.

We are one of the few national cleaners who offer this antiviral service and this is proving very popular.

100% Government Funding

Brought to You by Lime Licensing and Smorgasboard

The cost of the franchise can be totally funded by the excellent Government backed Start Up Loan Scheme for which we are now accredited.

This Loan scheme does not require your personal guarantees nor security and you can borrow up to £100,000 and pay it back over 5 years at 6% per annum.

There is no application fee. We are working with a Government Approved Finance Consultancy –
Smorgasbord who will put together all the required documentation and send it off to the relevant delivery partner for your area. They will complete the business plan and all financial projections.

Why Now is a perfect time to start your Domestic Cleaning Franchise

Domestic Cleaning is up 25% in the past decade...

Domestic cleaning is a recession proof industry that is growing year on year. There are 2.45 million households employing domestic cleaners in the UK with a value of £4.7 billion.

This is an increase of over 25% from a decade ago.

So now is a great time to start your Domestic Cleaning Franchise with Kingsmaid.

Develop a new career
with Kingsmaid

Are you enthusiastic about self-employment?

As a Kingsmaid franchise you will build, grow and nurture your local client base thanks to our expertly crafted marketing strategy. 

As a result you will become an invaluable addition to your local community. Developing decade long clients as we have, and growing into a local standard of excellence in domestic cleaning.

6 Proven initiatives that will make your Kingsmaid Franchise successful

These six elements will guarantee you success in the domestic cleaning industry...

3 Months
Free Advertising

Reduced Management Fee

Green Eco

High Staff

Licensed Technology

Automated Marketing

Kickstart your Business with
3 Months Free Advertising

You'll Start Recieving Enquiries From Day One...

As a part of our current franchisee package we’re offering our franchisees 3 months free marketing to get them up and running.

With 3 Months Free Professionally Managed Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising Campaigns plus 1,000 Free Leaflets.

We guarantee that you will be getting enquiries from day one….

Our Management Fees are Unbeatable

The Managment Fee you pay from day one with Kingsmaid is just 6%!

The Industry average is 8%.

However it gets better In year 3 we will drop this to 5%Year 4 It will be 4.5%and Year 5 just 4%.

As well as retaining more profit year on year this makes your business a lot more attractive to future potential buyers if you decide to deploy such an exit strategy.

Business Year


Kingsmaid Management Fee

Typical Franchisors Management Fee

Saving You Per Year

Year 1


11,340 (6%)

15,120 (8%)


Year 2


26,340 (6%)

35,120 (8%)


Year 3


30,650 (5%)

49,040 (8%)


Year 4


33,030 (4.5%)

58,720 (8%)


Year 5


32,720 (4%)

65,440 (8%)


Cumulative Savings Over First 5 Years


Cumulative Savings Over 10 Years


Eco Friendly Supplies

Non-toxic, green, non-harmful products

We are very proud of the Kingsmaid Eco Cleaning Product range. The products are all great for the environment but importantly are not harmful to you, your staff or of course your customers.

We we’re one of the first domestic cleaning companies in the UK to use eco friendly supplies across our entire business.

See our interview on Sky News about our use of Eco friendly products.

High Staff Retention

We employ over 75 active staff members ourselves...

Staff retention is one of our primary goals and we achieve this by looking after and investing in our staff. They are paid above the normal rates expected in the industry and their welfare is paramount. We constantly have cleaners joining us from other established franchise networks and this speaks volumes for our approach. If you adopt the same stance you will see the same results with staff staying with you for many years.

Growth has been achieved through intensive development  and nurturing of our staff.

Their welfare and job satisfaction are key and we are very proud that we have many staff who have been with us in excess of 10 years.

What our staff have to say about Kingsmaid...

I love my customers, I have been going to some of the same houses for ages, you really get to know what the customer wants.

Having spent most of my adult life in cleaning jobs it’s good to find a company that actually values its workforce – and pays over minimum wage.

I only intended to have this job as a stopgap, but I find I actually love it and have ended up saying for years!

The Kingsmaid Portal

Our Technological Advantage.
Built for us...

Our custom designed API allows us to track our cleaners progress and send out rotas and much more.

And our clients...

Our technology tells our customers when exactly our cleaners have started and finished cleaning their home.

They can also communicate with their cleaners whilst in their home.

Quality, reliable service. I have used this company for many years. Originally recommended by a friend. Hassle free and consistently delivers what is promised. I have no hesitation in recommending them to the fussiest of my friends. Pleasant staff and helpful office.

R Grass. 15 Feb 2018

Head Office Marketing

We do it all for you...

We have tested our marketing over many years and the expertise we have developed gives consistent repeatable results. Our centralised approach means that you do not need to worry about the digital marketing that is all managed professionally through Head Office.

Benefit From Our 100+ 5 Star Reviews

Your not just investing in a franchise your investing in a brand of excellence. Our Customer care is underrepresented.

We’re passionate about customer care because we understand how important it is to growth. We train our franchisees to achieve this level of excellence which we pride ourselves on.

Award Winning Franchising Partnership

We are happy to be partnered with one of the UKs leading Franchising Consultancy. Lime Licensing Group are a multiple award winning Franchising Consultancy who bring a professionalism, organisation and 24 years experience to the Kingsmaid Franchise.

How Much Does it Cost?

Current Price as of July 2020


Price Subject to change as we grow and expand into new territories*

What am I getting for my Investment?

We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to, Kingsmaid is considered a plug-and-play franchise model.

Heres some of what were currently offering our new franchisees…

Your Kingsmaid Franchise Package...

Optional Kingsmaid
Branded Kia Business Car

Eco Friendly Starter Pack
Cleaning Supplies

Free Preloaded PC
& 2 Tablets

1,000 Custom
Business Flyers

Business Website

Protected Territory with 50,000 ABC1&2 Households

And So Much More!..

Our Franchise Package is so large we couldn’t fit it all on the homepage, check out the full list below…

Your Next Steps
with Kingsmaid...

If you are interested in our exciting franchise opportunity you can request more information via the button below and receive our free franchise prospectus direct to your email.

We’ll be in touch soon after with information specific to your territory.

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