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Do You Want To Be Part Of The Most Successful Domestic Cleaning Company In The North West?

All For £25,000 (100% Funding Available)

And There's Much Much More...

As Sharron and Mark Davis embark on their journey to bring Kingsmaid Cleaning to every corner of the UK, they have opened an incredibly exciting new opportunity for entrepreneurs and potential business owners here in The North West.

14 Territories are currently available with each profitable area having an established loyal customer base. For just £25,000 you will have a business that currently gives you over £53,000 Profit.

As this is certainly one of the most profitable business opportunities available we don't expect these territories to be around for long. So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to run your own, owner operated cleaning business in your area of the North West,

Mike Smith,
Lime Licensing Franchise Consultant.



Gross Profit


Franchise Cost


14 Territories Available.
£25,000 (Fully Funded.)
£53,446 Profit Year One.

Probably The Best Business Opportunity in the UK...

We have been featured on Sky, BBC and Radio 5 Live. We manufacture our own Range of Eco Friendly Green Cleaning Products. Our unique State of the Art CRM is an industry first.

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews. You will have a Dedicated Training Portal. Experience and Expertise is available in every facet of the business. Post COVID demand for cleaning is huge.

This we believe is a fantastic opportunity for you to take over an Established, Profitable and Prestigious Business in Greater Manchester today.

Manchester Area Territories

Leads Out Your Ears

The Greatest Business Opportunity in the UK...

  • Kingsmaid is the biggest cleaning business in greater manc
  • It’s being going est 2010
  • It generates £100,000s
  • We’re splitting up the business into 16 territories
  • Each territory is worth £43k profit year one with an investment of just £25k which we fund for you, the clients already exist.
  • This is the best business opportunity in Greater Manchester today, the territories are…

Cheadle Case Study 2009 - 2021

Number of Customers
Average Customer Worth
Territories Sold
All Time Profit

These are real figures pulled from the Cheadle locations sales over the past 12 years. Figures are however still illustrative.

Your Territory Is Currently Earning £53,446 Profit Per Year

And Is Already Switched On…

This has been built up over many years and you will have a loyal customer base who expect a high quality premium service that is ultra reliable and professional at all times.

The Ethos throughout the business is to deliver a world class service model and this is something that all our Franchise partners must adhere to. It is the cornerstone of our business and one that will benefit you for many years to come.

We’ve been featured on numerous news and radio show syndication’s over the years, thanks to our expert knowledge of the domestic cleaning industry and our innovative approach to Domestic Cleaning.

We’ve discussed issues like EU Regulations on the domestic cleaning industry on both the BBC Breakfast Show and Radio 5 Live. We’ve also discussed our environmentally friendly cleaning products on Sky News.

Sharron and Mark Davis

Kingsmaid Co-founders.

Year 1*

You're Also Benefitting From The Pre Developed Kingsmaid Franchise Offering

We’ve been hard at work developing the Kingsmaid Model into a powerful Franchise Opportunity across the UK – now we’re offering the actual local territories that Kingsmaid Manchester have been developing their clients in for over a dozen years – combining these two fantastic opportunities into one means your not only benefiting from guaranteed existing customers, reputation and a local workforce, but you’re benefiting from Kingsmaid Cleaning Franchises offering too…

Franchise Director Lime Licensing Group.

Existing Loyal Customers

You already have a pre-existing loyal customer base and you will be earning from day 1.

100% Funding

You Have 100% Unsecured Funding Available From The Government Start Up Loan Scheme with Everything done for you and at absolutely no cost to you.

Expert Training

Expert Training In Every Aspect Of Your New Business.

100% Government Funding

100% Fully Funded Loan From The Government Start Up Loan Scheme Available

We know that in these unprecedented times it is often difficult to see a route forward that will guarantee the future for you and your family. But the opportunity offered by Kingsmaid is certainly a real way forward and now the Government, through The Government Startup Loan, provides a wonderful way for you to find the funding required to make this a reality.

HMRC Compliance

Our Business Is 100% HMRC & IR35 Compliant

This is really important to you when starting your new business…

In the cleaning franchise industry there are two models the first where you employ the staff on your payroll with all the benefits to the employee that they would fully expect. This is the Kingsmaid way.

The second is a self employed model where the staff are self employed and are paid directly by the customer and the cleaning company invoices the customer for their management fees.

This model is not HMRC compliant and falls foul of the IR35 Rule.

Cients and Staff Love Us...

You’re not just investing in a franchise, you’re investing in a brand of excellence.

Our Customer care is underrepresented.

We’re passionate about customer care because we understand how important it is to growth. We train our franchisees to achieve this level of excellence which we pride ourselves on.

Not Just that but many of our staff have been with us for over 10 years and in the cleaning industry this is unheard of. We look after our staff exceptionally well and this is very much reflected in their loyalty to the business.

Claire Cowking
Claire Cowking
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The team were in and out in no time. House cleaned through, no messing, nothing left undone and they took into account our needs and what we wanted. No complaints and now I've got my feet up with a brew in hand, in a lovely clean lounge! Happy customer
Amanda McCulloch
Amanda McCulloch
Read More
I am very happy with my clean today. Ryan came and did 2 hours on his own and what a fantastic job. Smells lovely, attention to detail and everything done and exceeding expectations of other cleans that are normally carried out by 2 cleaners. Always happy with results but today Ryan has really made my day. No stone unturned Thank you 😊
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I have been with Kingsmaid for a very long time and they have always done a very good job for me. Aside from the actual cleaning staff that are professional and helpful, the office staff are willing to help with anything and make things easier and satisfying as a customer. I would highly recommend Kingsmaid for all your cleaning needs!
Despagnac Jérémi
Despagnac Jérémi
Read More
Paul and Amanda are great the offices facility/desk are always super clean and look impeccable highly recommend!
Read More
New customer having a weekly clean. My whole experience with Kingsmaid has been faultless. From the staff in the office, to the cleaners that come to my home, everyone has been delightful. The security of knowing all the staff are insured and being able to call the office whenever I need to is fantastic. Busy working couple with a very messy child, nothing better than coming home to a clean house. Highly recommend!
Head Cleaner
Kingsmaid Cleaner
Read More
Throughout the whole Corona situation Kingsmaid has behaved really well towards all the staff, we have been kept updated at least once a week, paid and all still have jobs. I know the owners are working really hard to make our jobs safe. I'm proud to say I work here and cant wait to for life to get back to normal, I miss my customers and work friends
Part Time Cleaner
Kingsmaid Cleaner
Read More
Its good working at kingsmaid. I get a lot of job satisfaction. And enjoy seeing how different the houses look after we have been. I work school hours 4 days a week which is great! Not many school time jobs about. I got my friend a job here too and she loves it as well.
Kingsmaid Cleaner
Read More
Best place I have worked cleaning. The wages are higher and benefits are good. Training was very thorough and I met nice people. Hours are flexible, I work school hours 3 days a week and it really suits me. School hours jobs are hard to get
Head Cleaner Driver
Kingsmaid Cleaner
Read More
Best job I have had. Out and about all day - I hate being stuck behind a desk or having to stay in one place. We go from house to house, cleaning. Stress free and great to see the difference we make I have made some really good friends here. And bonus- I have lost a stone in weight!! Without even trying or feeling like I was working out!! The manager is decent. Training good,very thorough. Pay is good and hours are great, I'm home by 6
Cleaner Full Time
Kingsmaid Cleaner
Read More
The pay is good. I work about 7 hours a day and get £10 an hour but that is going up soon. I pick my cleaner up and take her home again each day. My petrol is paid for so that means I dont have to pay to travel to work which is a bonus! The car I have is nice and its good I can use it outside of work.

Mike Smith,
Lime Licensing Consultant

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