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Your Opportunity

12 Great Reasons to Become a Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning Franchisee Today...

12 Unbeatable Reasons to Start a Kingsmaid Franchise

A Recession-proof, award winning and highly acclaimed Franchise Opportunity in Domestic Cleaning

We’ve outlined exactly why this franchise is right for you by listing the top 12 reasons you should be investing in a Kingsmaid Domestic Franchise now.

Although we know there are many more reasons…

This is a great opportunity so please feel free to call Mike, our Franchise Consultant on 07806 896407 or Schedule a Call, to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

Management Fees - Why Pay More Than You Need To

We Add over £100,000 To Your Bottom Line Profit in the First 5 Years when Compared to Other Cleaning Franchises

The Cleaning Industry is recognised as one of the most profitable sectors in Franchising. From our own conservative estimates we know that your business will be turning over in excess £525,000 by year 5 – So You could pay £52,500 in Management Fees or just £21,000 with Kingsmaid.

There is of course a major knock on effect of having hugely reduced Management Fees which is that when you come to sell your business it’s value will be higher because of the significant increase in your bottom line and of course the overall offering is far more attractive to potential buyers.

The Cleaning Franchise Industry on average runs at 8% – 10% Management Fees. Our Fees are Just 6% Reducing to 4% by year 2.

Based on the Average Industry Turnover over 5 Years You will save Over £135,000 and In Ten Years This could be in excess of £1/2 Million in Savings.

3 Months Free Professional Digital Advertising

You’ll Start Receiving Enquiries From Day One…

As a part of our current franchisee package we’re offering our franchisees 3 months free marketing to get them up and running. This gives you a 3 months Free Google Adwords Campaign managed by our external Digital Marketing consultants.

Linked to your own high converting local Kingsmaid website this will kick start your business and give you positive cashflow early in your business development cycle

We guarantee that you will be getting enquiries from day one….

100% Fully Funded Loan

From The Government Start Up Loan Scheme

We know that in these unprecedented times it is often difficult to see a route forward that will guarantee the future for you and your family. But the opportunity offered by Kingsmaid is certainly a real way forward and now the Government, through The Government Startup Loan, provides a wonderful way for you to find the funding required to make this a reality.

For obvious reasons the Government is very keen for people to start and grow their own business, and because of this, are very happy to lend support to The Kingsmaid Franchise.

We will guide you through the process of applying for the loan and complete all the paperwork with you and to this end you will be allocated a personal Consultant.

Our consultants have a 100% success rate when putting people through the scheme. And remember there is absolutely no charge to you whatsoever. This maybe the right time to take control of the future.

21st Century Technology

We Use Technology Effectively For Both The Staff and The Customers

In today’s society everybody expects information and data to be available in real time.We have invested heavily in technology that has been embraced by both the cleaning staff and the customers..
Having booked a cleaner your customers have immediate access to the App which allows them to understand arrival and departure times and much much more
This is a huge selling point for your customers who do not want to be writing emails, texting or calling to understand what they should have at their fingertips.

Professional Marketing Done for You

This is Vitally Important…

We use a professional external marketing agency who are specialists in Facebook and Google advertising.

We have metrics that show the amount of leads required to book the required number of long term cleaning customers, allowing you to build your business at a rate that suits you.

This is a vitally important component when choosing a franchise unless of course you are a Digital Marketing specialist or sales guru (and why should you be). The reality is that sales and marketing is a specialist role in itself.

Having been in the cleaning industry for many years and built a huge presence in Greater Manchester we have established a sales and marketing methodology that really works and deliver’s leads to you on a regular basis.

You will also benefit from being a part of one of the most positively reviewed businesses in our sector. The competition in your area will have little in the way of collateral to compete with your Kingsmaid five star ratings. This is a massive boost for any new business and we are very pleased that we are able to offer this to you after many years of delivering superb service to our loyal customers.

Our Business Is 100% HMRC Compliant

This is really important to you when starting your new business…

In the cleaning franchise industry there are two employment models the first where you employ the staff on your payroll with all the benefits to the employee that they would fully expect. This is the Kingsmaid way.

The second is a self employed model where the staff are self employed and are paid directly by the customer and the cleaning company invoices the customer for their management fees.

Without getting bogged down in tax law the second option which is adopted by many franchise organisations in the cleaning industry is very much likely to fall foul of an HMRC ruling (IR 35) which makes this methodology dubious at best and could lead to significant costs for the franchisee in NI and tax payments.

We would of course always advise but you seek sound advice from a relevant professional.

Eco Friendly & Antiviral Product Range

We Are Proud to Only Use Green Cleaning Products Including Our New Antiviral Range

We are a green business and only use products that are environmentally friendly and contain no corrosive chemicals. This is to protect the health of our staff and customers. As you can see from Sharron’s appearance on Sky News we are very much seen as pioneers in this area:

A Harvard University study showed that nurses exposed to bleach on a regular basis had a heightened risk of developing COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.)

In addition all products are Eco friendly with refillable and reusable containers.

COVID19 has had a massive effect on the way people view cleanliness and demand for home cleaning has never been higher – Our Eco Antiviral products developed for COVID are very much in demand.

Our Customer First Philosophy Will Give You Great Results...

Consistent 5 Star Reviews

You’re not just investing in a franchise, you’re investing in a brand of excellence. Our Customer care is underrepresented. We’re passionate about customer care because we understand how important it is to growth. We train our franchisees to achieve this level of excellence which we pride ourselves on.
Claire Cowking
Claire Cowking
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The team were in and out in no time. House cleaned through, no messing, nothing left undone and they took into account our needs and what we wanted. No complaints and now I've got my feet up with a brew in hand, in a lovely clean lounge! Happy customer
Amanda McCulloch
Amanda McCulloch
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I am very happy with my clean today. Ryan came and did 2 hours on his own and what a fantastic job. Smells lovely, attention to detail and everything done and exceeding expectations of other cleans that are normally carried out by 2 cleaners. Always happy with results but today Ryan has really made my day. No stone unturned Thank you 😊
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I have been with Kingsmaid for a very long time and they have always done a very good job for me. Aside from the actual cleaning staff that are professional and helpful, the office staff are willing to help with anything and make things easier and satisfying as a customer. I would highly recommend Kingsmaid for all your cleaning needs!
Despagnac Jérémi
Despagnac Jérémi
Read More
Paul and Amanda are great the offices facility/desk are always super clean and look impeccable highly recommend!
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New customer having a weekly clean. My whole experience with Kingsmaid has been faultless. From the staff in the office, to the cleaners that come to my home, everyone has been delightful. The security of knowing all the staff are insured and being able to call the office whenever I need to is fantastic. Busy working couple with a very messy child, nothing better than coming home to a clean house. Highly recommend!

Staff Rate Us 5 Stars Too

Many of our staff have been with us for over 10 years and in the cleaning industry this is unheard of…

We look after our staff exceptionally well and this is very much reflected in their loyalty to the business.

You will pay your staff in excess of the going rate which may seem counterproductive as it ultimately impacts on your bottom line profit. However you need to consider several things here…

Your recruitment activity is far less and less costly, training hours are significantly reduced and importantly your customers see the same cleaners week on week and not an ever changing parade of new faces.

You will give your customers a cast iron Satisfaction Guarantee and your staff will be aware of the importance of this – Your Staff will be proud of the work they do and the professional environment you engender.

Head Cleaner
Kingsmaid Cleaner
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Throughout the whole Corona situation Kingsmaid has behaved really well towards all the staff, we have been kept updated at least once a week, paid and all still have jobs. I know the owners are working really hard to make our jobs safe. I'm proud to say I work here and cant wait to for life to get back to normal, I miss my customers and work friends
Part Time Cleaner
Kingsmaid Cleaner
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Its good working at kingsmaid. I get a lot of job satisfaction. And enjoy seeing how different the houses look after we have been. I work school hours 4 days a week which is great! Not many school time jobs about. I got my friend a job here too and she loves it as well.
Kingsmaid Cleaner
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Best place I have worked cleaning. The wages are higher and benefits are good. Training was very thorough and I met nice people. Hours are flexible, I work school hours 3 days a week and it really suits me. School hours jobs are hard to get
Head Cleaner Driver
Kingsmaid Cleaner
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Best job I have had. Out and about all day - I hate being stuck behind a desk or having to stay in one place. We go from house to house, cleaning. Stress free and great to see the difference we make I have made some really good friends here. And bonus- I have lost a stone in weight!! Without even trying or feeling like I was working out!! The manager is decent. Training good,very thorough. Pay is good and hours are great, I'm home by 6
Cleaner Full Time
Kingsmaid Cleaner
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The pay is good. I work about 7 hours a day and get £10 an hour but that is going up soon. I pick my cleaner up and take her home again each day. My petrol is paid for so that means I dont have to pay to travel to work which is a bonus! The car I have is nice and its good I can use it outside of work.

A Growing Market

This is a recession proof industry that is growing year on year…

There are 2.45 million households employing domestic cleaners in the UK with a value of £4.7 billion.

According to a recent consumer survey, over 2.45 million households in the UK currently employ domestic help. Up some 25% from a decade ago. The underlying factors behind this growth include: dual income households with stress and time pressures and an ageing population who need extra help to stay in their home.

Your Training is Our Key Priority

You’ll Start Receiving Enquiries From Day One…

This knowledge transfer and structured training is now available to our partner network.

The training we have developed over the last decades will give you everything you need to work to the standards required by our national customers and grow your business quickly and efficiently.


Your Totally Protected Territory

With 50,000 ABC 1 & 2 Households Guaranteed

Unlike other domestic cleaning franchises, we base our territory mapping on number of ABC1&2 Domestic Households.

This ensures your getting only the best clients possible, increasing your earnings potential exponentially.

The distinction is important as other franchises will have you believe your getting more households for your money however they count in ALL households, but do not define economic status.

Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $50