We Determine Your Territory Based on Households and Earnings

Office for National Statistics.

Unlike other domestic cleaning franchises, we base our territory mapping on number of ABC1&2 Domestic Households.

This ensures your getting only the best clients possible, increasing your earnings potential exponentially.

The distinction is important as other franchises will have you believe your getting more households for your money however they count in ALL households, but do not define economic status.

This information feeds into our ongoing marketing systems, to deliver you highly targeted leads daily.

As simple as ABC1&2...

Upper Middle Class
Lower Middle Class
Middle Class

Skilled Working Class

You will receive a substantial protected territory that will include 50,000 ABC1&2 Households.

These are basically wealthier households in your Geographic area.

Your Territory will be outlined in the Franchise Agreement. Once you have established your business we are happy to talk to you about additional territories if this is something that you are considering as part of your growth strategy.

We can also look at adding on certain postcodes and the cost of this will be determined by the amount of designated ABC1&2 Households are in that postcode area.

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