The Opportunity

We are very keen to grow our very successful brand across the UK and we are looking for motivated
highly invested people to join us in the journey.

We have spent sixteen years getting this business right and all the components are aligned and working seamlessly. We have made the mistakes that we are very pleased you will never encounter and we now have a business out of the box that if you follow correctly as per our comprehensive training. You will be very successful.

This is a recession proof industry that is growing year on year. There are 2.45 million households employing domestic cleaners in the UK with a value of £4.7 billion.

According to a recent consumer survey, over 2.45 million households in the UK currently employ domestic help. Up some 25% from a decade ago. The underlying factors behind this growth include: dual income households with stress and time pressures and an ageing population who need extra help to stay in their home.

So now is a great time to start
your Domestic Cleaning Franchise
with Kingsmaid

And this is why you will succeed...

We undertake your initial Paid Google and Facebook Advertising For 3 Months Free of Charge

We massively kick start your journey delivering 3 months free Paid Google and Facebook Advertising to guarantee enquiries in your first three months. You also receive 60,000 pre printed flyers for local leaflet drops.

Website and Social Media Set Up

Your own fully SEO’d website will be up and running and attracting customers and we will provide professional Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business Accounts to develop Social Media interaction in your area.

We Reduce Your Management Fee Year on Year

The industry average Management Fee is 8% of Turnover. However at Kingsmaid in Year One and Two we charge just 6% and Year Three down to 5% and Year Four down to 4.5% and then just 4% for all subsequent years.

This SAVES YOU OVER £89,000 in the first 5 Years and over £250,000 in 10 Years.

We Look After Our Staff and They Look After Us…

Many of our staff have been with us for over 10 years and in the cleaning industry this is unheard of. We look after our staff exceptionally well and this is very much reflected in their loyalty to the business. 

We pay our staff in excess of the going rate which may seem counterproductive as it ultimately impacts on your bottom line profit. However you need to consider several things here…

Your recruitment activity is far less and less costly, training hours are significantly reduced and importantly your customers see the same cleaners week on week and not an ever changing parade of new

As this is so important this will be second nature to you after your initial first weeks training

We Are Proud to Only Use Green Cleaning Products

We are a green business and only use products that are environmentally friendly and contain no corrosive chemicals. This is to protect the health of our staff and customers. 

As you can see from Sharron’s appearance on Sky News: A Harvard University study showed that nurses exposed to bleach on a regular basis had a heightened risk of developing COPD.

We Use Technology Effectively For Both The Staff and The Customers

We have fabulous technology that has been embraced by both the
cleaning staff and the customers..

  • No Paperwork is Required
  • GPS Tracking
  • Routes Planned
  • Future Jobs over the coming weeks confirmed
  • Payments due dates
  • Client automatically receives a text prior to arrival
  • Client Statements
  • Client notified of arrival and departure of the cleaners
  • Notes or Instructions can be sent to the cleaners or clients
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Ready to Get Started?

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